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How we work

Service for Corporates:


We have a bespoke service for returning clients in the corporate world, which streamlines, and speeds up the Notarial process for them. 


No matter if you are an existing client, or this is a new enquiry, with a one off requirement, or need for a corporate account with us, please drop Jane an email HERE for further information.

Service for Individuals:


We have refined the notarial process for our clients over the years, to make it smooth, and as pain free as possible.

United States:

If you require notarization of documents for the USA that do not need to be legalised, please confirm the number of documents that require notarization. We will then confirm the fee and send you Terms and conditions and ask that you follow the instructions below from point 3. 


For all other notarial requirements:-


  1. You must submit full initial instructions, and a copy of the document that requires notarising to us directly (Click Here to submit)

  2. We will reply with any further questions that may arise, and/or a initial estimate for the work, and any external fees for legalisation, Courrier services etc… and a copy of our T&C's

  3. You send an email agreeing the T&C’s with a copy of your proof of ID: Bank statement (Not an internet print out) or Utility bill that confirms your address (They must be less than 3 months old) and a copy of your passport

  4. We issue an invoice, and set a time for the notarial signing.

  5. All payments must be received by close of business the day prior to the notarising meeting, unless paying in cash at the meeting.

  6. Following the meeting, where you will sign the documents, we will deal with arrangements for the  legalisation as required and either have the documents returned to us for collection - or sent to the receiving party on your behalf via DHL.


Regarding Apostille, the attachment of the apostille to a document to verify the notaries signature also known as legalisation. Should it be required, we suggest that you plan for a 5 day turn around from signing, to receipt of legalised document(s). A premium service is available that reduces the turnaround time to 3 days.


Any requirements for the documents to be stamped at the embassy will lengthen the process and will incur additional embassy fees.

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