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Corporate Clients

Working with Corporate Clients to provide professional Notary Services.

Our Notary Public can provide bespoke services for your company and ensure that the authorities abroad will recognise and accept his authentication and certification in the foreign jurisdiction.

The following are the likely circumstances in which you may require the services of our Notary;

  • Notarising corporate powers of attorney

  • Authenticating corporate documents for UK or foreign companies

  • Certifying company documents such as resolutions, minutes, accounts and reports

  • Authenticating documents to assist in the opening of corporate branch offices and bank accounts within the UK or abroad

  • Notarising commercial mortgages

  • Attesting and authenticating the signature and execution of documents

  • Preparing certificates to evidence the identity of company officers

  • Taking evidence known as depositions in England & Wales for use in foreign courts

  • Authenticating the signing of an Acknowledgment for use in the United States of America

  • Dealing with shipping documentation including the registration of vessels and ship protests

Jane Propert
Owner - Notary
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